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Lady GaGa Make Up Look Hot Pink and Black Tutorial



Lady Gaga Make Up Look Hot Pink and Black Tutorial  

Lady Gaga make-up looks are some of the most searched for tutorials online and internet sensation Lauren Luke jumps on the back of that to offer this stunning pink and black inspired video. While the North East make-up guru admits it’s not a complete copy of a Gaga look, she says she was heavily influenced by the star’s style when creating this striking face. Beautiful eye make up for green eyes, brown eyes or blue eyes, this pretty look is guaranteed to turn heads. Ditch your usual smokey eye and try these sultry pink and black shadows out. Giving the look a softer edge, Lauren starts by using a MAC shade stick as a primer. Dabbing a deep fuchsia/purple shade over the lid with an eye shadow brush, Lauren explains how she loves that people take time out of their lives to watch her videos. Blending the shadow up with a squared eye shadow brush, She says she can feel the difference when she opts for expensive products over cheap cosmetics. Taking the shadow around the crease but leaving a gap at the top, Lauren next takes a MAC blending brush and applies Hello Kitty’s Stately Black to merge the two shades. A unique take on the classic smokey eye, this is an impressive look that doesn’t take too long to put together. Using a pink opal pigment with a small brush, Lauren gently pats the product under the eyebrow bone, bringing it down and blending a little. Another great tip: using this highlight shade in this way gives the impression of a slimmer nose! The key to this look is completing it in stages; don’t attempt to rush it as you’ll undo your previous hard work. A blue black shadow is used under the lower lash line and blended with the existing eye shadow to really define the eyes. Take a black liquid liner, resting your little finger on your cheek to steady the hand and apply half way across the eye and work your way out. A slick of black mascara is used, followed by a subtle shadow to fill in the eyebrows, a pale pink blush and a MAC shocking pink sheer lipstick.   Are you a fan of Gaga’s distinctive make-up looks? Will you be braving this pink and black look? 


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